2018 BMW 6

2018 BMW 6 Agrees to Take on Porsche 911

While BMW has planned for a launch of 2019 BMW 8 series, the 2018 BMW 6 series has got the last vehicle sets with 640i and 650i models. Although convertible variants have been scratched off from this list, the GT and Grand Coupe versions are yet alive, says BMW. Built on CLAR platform of convertible sedans, this new vehicle is set to create a stir among BMW enthusiasts.

With the dynamics similar to an Aston Martin, 2018 BMW 6 series is expected to be more aerodynamic adding to its beauty. Parts of it are also recovered from an older 4 series although BMW has promised a lighter weight vehicle with AWD.

The car manufacturer has not yet released the actual specifications of this model yet. But that does pose no threat to car lover’s imaginations and speculations. This new BMW 6 series 2018 remains a serious contender to Porsche 911 although the latter offers a more potent powertrain.

2018 BMW 6

2018 BMW 6 series Powertrain

Base model 6 series vehicle, renamed 640i is installed with a 3.0 L inline-6 engine which is capable of making 315 HP and 330 lb-ft of torque. As already mentioned, AWD feature is available for all the trims that exist. The engine is coupled to an 8-speed Auto transmission which ensures smoother riding experience.

Higher trim BMW 6 Series 2018 650i, however, is expected to retain the 4.4 L V8 engine. It promises vehicle tremendous power from its core. Also mated to an 8-speed auto DSG transmission, this engine variant promises higher fuel efficiency. As for power, it produces an excess of 440 HP and more than 450 lb-ft of torque. It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in a mere 4.5 seconds, although a tad slower than Porsche.

2018 BMW 6 series 640i version provides a fuel economy of 24 mpg normally combined while its AWD version drops the figure to 22 mpg combined. On the other hand, the more powerful 650i is designed to deliver 20 mg combined and 18 mpg with AWD enabled. Although theoretically these figures might change for betterment, it still tops its Porsche and Audi rivals in fuel economy rates.

2018 BMW 6 Series rear view

Appearance wise

2018 BMW 6 series has got killer looks and car lovers drool over its curvy streamlined appearance at first go. Although BMW has got rid of the convertible in these latest 6 series versions, it still manages to win hearts. The base model features large 18-inch alloys and sports exhaust tips. Apart from the usual typical BMW LED lighting, special LED indicators will aim to provide more guidance for driver’s comfort. This vehicle is equipped with extremely responsive sensors and a brilliantly shaped sunroof.

‘Comfort, style, quality and performance are prerequisites for luxury coupes’ and the car maker leaves no stone touched in this respect. High-quality materials have been used to make this vehicle more refined in terms of appearance although details have not been provided.
Since 2018 BMW 6 series is tentatively the final model in its class, BMW has promised brilliant piece of features from inside the vehicle as well. Equipped with 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment renamed iDrive, this vehicle minimizes exterior sound to the extent possible. This ensures a peaceful ride. Regular features include multiple angled cameras and lane departure signaling systems. Harman-Kardon surround sound system takes entertainment to a different level.

Pricing and release date

Base model 2018 BMW 6 series is available at a price of $85,100. Higher trims like ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran might exceed $122,500 for executive models. Expect to find this car arrive at the market by 2017 Q4 or 2018 Q1.

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