2018 Cadillac Ciel

2018 Cadillac Ciel New Vision of Luxury

Will the path from the concept version to the production model be short? Will it ever go into serial production? When? You’ve guessed, it’s about the 2018 Cadillac Ciel convertible model. Answers to the above questions, they still have no answers. At least we do not know them. However, there is some information that can overestimate the fate of this extraordinary vehicle. Judging by these information (rumors), the Cadillac Ciel Concept will receive its serial version. However, there is little chance of this happening in the near future.

But let’s start in line. The Cadillac Ciel is an extremely attractive and luxurious creation. As such, this model has paid attention to itself. Probably in line with the name, this four-seat convertible, sets new standards in Cadillac-franchise design. In all likelihood, this model should open a new chapter, and become the flagship model of the company. As we mentioned, his appearance clearly reflects his name. “Ciel” is the French word for sky. This clearly explains the open concept of the vehicle, its limitlessness and freedom.

2018 Cadillac Ciel


The 2018 Cadillac Ciel is interesting and very appealing, regardless of the angle or viewing position. The doors of the vehicle are hinged at the rear to reveal a sweeping view of the dramatic interior. However, the new design direction, the Cadillac brand, is clearly emphasized on the outside. More precisely, the heritage of advanced technology is evident everywhere you look. The design of the front headlights in LED technology, as well as tail lights, immediately falls in the eye.

This full-size vehicle is one of the most luxurious convertibles ever seen. Although it possesses extremely large dimensions and an enormously long wheelbase, the Cadillac Ciel does not look tiring and awkward. In contrast, this model looks muscular, and at the same time very elegant. The serial version of the model will be worthy rivals Lexus LC and Mercedes SL models. Frankly, we are eagerly waiting for the beginning of his sale to see the reactions of the audience and the competition.

rear view Cadillac Ciel 2018


The inside of the vehicle adorns a large number of details with nickel-plated trim. Also, there are also exquisite Italian Olive wood and soft leather. Cadillac has proved that perfection lies in simplicity. Namely, simplicity, authenticity and spaciousness are the basic principles of interior design of the vehicle. Extremely comfortable and well positioned seats are made of refined leather. Their design and construction contribute to the ultimate driving pleasure.

Advanced technology, which adorns the entire vehicle, is also featured inside the cab. Well-fitted display instruments and central console, are made very high quality and outstandingly. Systems and connectivity are available for every passenger. These systems and technologies offer a variety of options, to each passenger per person. Also, there is additional technology, then includes inductive charging and Bluetooth connectivity. Finally, the 2018 Cadillac Ciel also offers some special accessories and options. These are heated and cooled seats, and a drawer containing sun lotion, sun glasses and towels, and aromatherapy that is controlled from the rear armrest. In a word, it’s a Cadillac.

2018 Cadillac Ciel Engine and Power Specs

Cadillac would not be a Cadillac when it did not try to set up a “New World Order”. Ciel, it combines authentic craftsmanship with futuristic details like a twin-turbocharged hybrid power plant and next-generation connectivity.

The original Ciel had a 3.6-liter six-cylinder direct injection unit, combined with a hybrid system based on the lithium-ion technology. This system delivers stunning 425 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. There is a possibility to offer a more powerful V8 engine. According to some information, this 2018 Ciel should deliver between 500 and 700 horsepower of output power.


Does anyone ask for the price of such a vehicle? Who has to pay, who does not have a viewer. It is estimated that the starting price for the 2018 Cadillac Ciel should be around $ 100,000.

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