New 2018 Fiat Freemont

2018 Fiat Freemont As European Dodge Journey

Fiat operates within the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) group. In addition to the Fiat and Chrysler companies, Dodge, RAM, Jeep and some other automobile manufacturers also operate in this group. We will not mention them because the group’s plans are not closely related to them. Namely, FCA has presented its business plans for the upcoming period. Among other things, the 2018 Fiat Freemont is important. Specifically, this model is considered as a European version of the American Dodge Journey SUV model. As such, this three-row SUV is also offered to European customers.

The aforementioned plans, the FCA Group, announce the successor to the Dodge Journey model. This new SUV will use the new RWD platform of the company, and will belong to the mid-size crossover model segment. The new model will replace Journey, but will not be his direct successor. According to people from the company, they will be produced in Italy as a model for 2019 model year. In this case, 2018 Freemont remains the sole representative in this segment. Whether the arrival of the new model will affect the improvement of Freemont SUV remains to be seen.

New 2018 Fiat Freemont


Fiat Freemont is designed by American ‘brother’ model, Dodge Journey. While the US model is characterized as a typical SUV, the European to this vehicle give a new dimension. Namely, the 2018 Fiat Freemont is a combination of a three-row SUV model, with exceptional functionality and features of the MPV model. Certainly, this model preserves the SUV’s characteristics and in the version with Fiat label.

The vehicle is characterized by a strong and muscular design. This gives this vehicle a unique character. The front of the vehicle is designed as one whole. This whole is made of perfectly fitted elements, such as the front mask (with the “Fiat” sign), the bumper that adorns the express lines, and the front grille.

With its exceptional dimensions, this SUV promises exceptional comfort. Its length is 4,888 mm, while its width is 1,878 mm. With a height of 1,691 mm, wheelbase of 2,890 mm and luggage compartment volume of 540 liters (1,460 liters), Fiat Freemont is the most spacious model.

2018 Freemont redesign

In relation to the Dodge Journey, Fiat has changed the purpose and functionality of the vehicle. This is achieved by a completely different interior and a better tuning. We should not forget that the vehicle offers comfort for seven passengers. In addition, seats in the third row are spacious and comfortable. Also, Fiat Freemont provides exceptional functionality. Folding seats it is possible to make 32 different configurations. In addition, a special attention is devoted to the driver’s ‘workplace’. No need to think that the other travelers were lax comfort.

2018 Fiat Freemont Specs

Although the design of a vehicle is typically American, the gearbox and the engine are the unique product of the Fiat Company. In accordance with the European trend, a 2.0-liter Multijet II 16V diesel engine is located under the hood. This 4-cylinder engine comes in two versions, with 140 horsepower and 170 horsepower versions, with a maximum torque of 350 Nm at 1,750-2,000 rpm. Both versions come with a six-speed manual transmission, and versions with the FWD and AWD drive system are available.

Although the engine is extremely efficient and economical, the weight of the vehicle affects the fuel economy. Both versions (with a weaker and more powerful engine) have the same fuel consumption. Expressed in l/100 km, it looks like this, 8.3 city/5.3 hwy/6.4 combined.

2018 Fiat Freemont rear view


2018 Fiat Freemont keeps the price by which the 2017 model is available. This means that the version with a 140 horsepower engine is available at a price of around € 26,000, while for a version with a stronger engine, AWD system and AT, more than € 31,000 should be allocated. There are also additional features and equipment for vehicle personalization, which are extra charged separately.

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