2018 Ford Taurus

2018 Ford Taurus Ensures Maximum Performance

Immensely popular as a law enforcement vehicle, Ford Taurus has already made a name for itself ever since its release six years back. Considerably bigger in size than most of its competitors, 2018 Ford Taurus agrees to undergo certain changes. Although still in its prototype stage, this vehicle is currently available only in China. The Chinese model resembles Lincoln Continental with the features of Ford Fusion. The current model might be discontinued in place of which a refurbishes new Taurus can be expected, according to Ford.

The current version of Ford Taurus is produced solely in China. However, the carmaker plans to start producing then newer models outside China, particularly the police interceptor vehicles. Ford Taurus 2018 will not undergo immense changes in its structure but expect this new vehicle with EcoBoost engines.

2018 Taurus front view

2018 Ford Taurus Powertrain

The new Ford Taurus can be expected with two different engine variants. First of all, there is the 2 liters turbocharged four-cylinder engine which are capable of producing more than 245 HP and 275 lb-ft of torque. Potential car owners will get this setup in an FWD. But Ford has enhanced the possibilities that car owners can make use of by introducing the AWD.

Apart from the base engine model, Ford Taurus 2018 will also come with a 2.7 liters twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Expect this to be capable of making more than 300 HP and 350 lb-ft of torque. Currently available only in China, Ford might consider introducing this variant in the US market very soon.

Both the engine variants are mated to 9-speed auto transmission although rumors say that it night retain the 6 speed. The police interceptor is expected to receive the high powered model with an AWD. Technicalities kept aside, expect 2018 Ford Taurus to be lighter and more capable than its current model.

Starting from the usage of lightweight materials in a more streamlined shape, Ford is not willing to keep any stones untouched to make it more versatile. Its use as a police interceptor calls for the need to make it stronger and offering superior mileage.

Ford Taurus 2018 interior

2018 Ford Taurus Designing

One should not expect massive changes regarding appearance from this new vehicle. However, sources are of the opinion that Ford might rethink redesigning its chassis and compensating for the weight by making it a bit wider. Ford Taurus 2018 is expected to sport hexagonal grilles and rectangular headlights made of LED. Rumors have it that this refurbished model might undergo a facelift although it’s not confirmed by Ford yet. Existing Taurus is already sportier than most of its Chevy rivals thanks to its superior quality and sleek design.

Borrowing portions of its muscular appearance from Ford Fusion, 2018 Ford Taurus might resemble the Chinese version for now until it gets revamped. From the inside, this vehicle is immensely comfortable and gives that sheer driving pleasure. Overcoming its limitation of reduced interior space, this new version is ready to take care of it all by introducing newer platforms and longer wheels. Expect new Taurus to look more stylish thanks to the use of better quality fabrics for seats and dashboard. MyFord application takes care of infotainment if Ford does not bring any sudden changes.

Pricing and Release date

Car enthusiasts who are desperate to know when 2018 Ford Taurus will be available have to wait till 2017 end. While the base model will not exceed $29,000, higher models might cost an excess of $40,000.

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