2018 Genesis G70 Coupe

2018 Genesis G70 Coupe Ready to take on its BMW and Mercedes rivals

Aimed at the BMW 3 series, in particular, this 3rd model launched by Genesis is all set for a 2018 release. This along with the G90 and G80 plans to take on entry-level luxury sedans. 2018 Genesis G70 Coupe, typically owned by the sister brand of Hyundai plans to release their 3rd model which is still under heavily camouflaged. Borrowing its sporty look from similar vehicles under Hyundai badge, this car presented itself as a standalone prototype in New York Auto show.

2018 Genesis G70 Coupe

What’s under 2018 Genesis G70 Coupe hood?

Like most of the vehicles in this class, the G70 is rumored to show off its hybrid powertrain. The vehicle manufacturer has expressed its intentions to include an electric motor with the diesel engine. The engine will be 2.0 L GDi and is capable of producing 245 HP and 260 lb-ft of torque. Although details are not yet available, 2018 Genesis G70 Coupe comes with an 8-speed auto transmission.

Willing to take on the likes of BMW 330i and Audi A4, this entry level sporty sedan will add a 2.0 liters twin scroll engine. The 245 HP engine might be coupled with a smaller electric engine producing double-digit hp. Although the car maker has not yet revealed the actual specs, potential car lovers expect another stronger V6 variant of this car.

Car enthusiasts opine that power hungry owners might opt for a 3.3 L twin turbocharged V6 engine in the new 2018 Genesis G70 Coupe. This will be capable of producing more than 300 HP. Genesis has not yet confirmed the actual mileage figures, but to compete with its rivals, it must have a higher mileage value. Thanks to the hybrid engine as rumored, this is possible to a larger extent.

Genesis G70 rear view

Genesis G70 Coupe 2018 V6 version plans to take on Mercedes C63 and BMW 340i. Both of which offer more than 300 HP. Expect this ‘hot’ G70 to accelerate from 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds which is pretty decent to attract potential customers. The above-mentioned powertrain options are available only for the US market. Sources claim although the European market might not receive the V6 as an option. AWD is optional on all trims.

How does it look?

Long story cut short. The 2018 Genesis G70 Coupe manages to keep the charm that most of the luxury owners wish for. The prototype G70 features a sportier look with a longer hood and streamlined body. To make this vehicle lighter, the manufacturer has used special aluminum and steel frames based on Hyundai’s sedan platform.

2018 G70 interior

Sharing its looks from Lexus IS, this extremely curvy vehicle retains most of its appearance from the concept. With mesh grilles and normalized headlamps, Genesis G70 Coupe 2018 has compromised a bit on its frontal lobes.

Not much is known about the interiors as of now owing to heavy camouflage. But car lovers expect that it would resemble its prototype here as well and Hyundai’s infotainment might be included. Leather upholstered seats can be expected to provide enough comfort.
Expect 2018 Genesis G70 Coupe to be available by mid-2017. The base model will be priced at not more than $30,000.

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