Genesis G90 2018

2018 Genesis G90 is Hyundai’s model in Top Luxury Sedan Segment

Hyundai has been working on luxury vehicles since 2008 with its G series vehicles. The Equus made quite a name for itself until it was transformed into G90. The wider and sportier 2018 Genesis G90 (Equus) plans to catch the premium segments customers already biased towards pricier Mercedes and Lexus. The car experts believe that this car indeed is a masterpiece along with its own siblings in the G series. It comes under Hyundai’s Athletic Elegance design language which promises to be unique in its own way.

The dynamic G90 is given a muscular and curvy look with new improved grilles and LED lighting adding to the charm. Sources claim that it is a stretched version of G80 albeit more refined in its looks and performance aiming to cater to their elite customers. Quite unlike Jaguar and Volkswagen, Hyundai lingers on and aims to compete with top end luxury vehicles in this class with 2018 Genesis G90 (Equus).

Genesis G90 2018

2018 Genesis G90 Engine Specs

As far as its performance is concerned, Hyundai leaves no stones unturned thanks to its clever use of the V6 and V8 engines for two different trims. The base model G90 presents a 3.3 L V6 which is capable of producing an excess of 365 HP and 376 lb-ft of torque. The customers might find its resemblance with the higher powertrain option in G80.  It succeeds in bringing a smile to car enthusiasts who claim that this is a thing of beauty.

2018 Genesis G90 (Equus) higher trims feature a more powerful aspirated 3.8 L V6 which churn out more than 311 HP and 293 lb-ft of torque. Both these engine options are mated to an 8-speed auto transmission which itself is a boost to premium driving experience.
But that’s not the end of its powertrain options Hyundai has in store for Genesis G90 (Equus) 2018. Expect a beasty 5.0 L V8 RWD which is capable of producing more than 420 HP.

Although further details are not yet available, Hyundai promises to provide the best. Suspension and handling features are revamped with Continuous Damping Control which is supported by ventilated rear discs. A AWD feature comes optional in 2018 Genesis G90 (Equus).  Car enthusiasts opting for it will love how this car reacts to it.

2018 Genesis G90 rear view

Genesis G90 Design

Thanks to advanced engineering and sheer designing ecstasy, this new vehicle looks superb at least from the spy photos released, opine car lovers. Truly an upgrade from G80, 2018 Genesis G90 (Equus) borrows much from Hyundai Equus but does not necessarily copies it. With a wider and longer body structure built on Hyundai’s Equus platform. This car is sure to dazzle luxury car enthusiasts. True to its name, this Sports trim offers advanced suspension redesigned front fascia.

2018 Genesis G90 (Equus) aims to draw more customers to it thanks to its excellent build quality. Although it’s heavier than its predecessors, it promises to deliver what potential customers ask for. That is luxury and performance blended to provide sheer driving pleasure. Genesis G90 2018 is a beauty to look at from its inside. As well thanks to the use of premium quality fabrics and clever blend of luxury and elegance with a sporty outlook.

interior 2018 Genesis G90

Experts claim that the vehicle’s powertrain produces minimal sound, the point where it beats the Mercedes S550. The user-friendly 12.3-inch display shows vehicle statistics and its unique outlay essentially tries its best to be subtle yet powerful. The dash panel is leather made with wooden trims and cabin is carbon fiber finished.

Available in exclusive hues, this luxury excess package will pinch potential customers to the tune of $65,000. Expect 2018 Genesis G90 (Equus) hitting markets by the end of 2017.

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