2018 Genesis GV80 concept

2018 Genesis GV80 SUV is New Model of Luxury Brand

Genesis brand first ventured into the segment sedan vehicles. Based on Hyundai Genesis model, Genesis 80 and 90 models are quickly and easily entered the market and found a circle of interested parties. Demand and sales of SUVs and conditions dictate, work and production. Genesis is just one of the brand, which for now does not offer any model with increased ground clearance and adjusted performance. 2018 Genesis GV80 could be a response to the current trend. This model was presented at the New York auto show in 2017. It is very likely to flourish in mass production soon.

2018 Genesis GV80 concept

Genesis brand announced that in 2020 its range of models consist of four sedan and two SUV. Possibility of concept models in serial product has become even greater. The concept has had very good reviews and comments. It is possible that the amount of luxury will be in a milder form.  Some of the details, especially in the interior, with the 2018 Genesis GV80 SUV will be ignored.

2018 Genesis GV80 from Concept to Production

The concept SUV, which will most likely be the one, the greater the Genesis offered to share a large number of design solutions from Bentley Bentayga SUV. The spaciousness, but also luxury solutions will be focused on meeting the needs of family-hauler. Balance of proportion, surface detail, and elegant materials using its own language. This is what we strive Genesis brand. The combination of leather, wood and aluminum in the interior is the only feature of the concept. However, wide organic LED, measuring 22 inches, split between driver and passenger, will most likely be part of the standard package. No matter what, we must not ignore the fact that the Genesis brand, primarily luxury vehicles.

2018 Genesis SUV rear view

In addition to interior design, the configuration of the concept is not satisfying also. We can only expect that the Genesis, a larger SUV with mark GV80, have the third row of seats. Since none of the Genesis brand came out with an official statement on this model, the more information we can only await. First, the information that the vehicle will be officially produced and offered to the market.

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