2018 Lexus GX Redesign

The Lexus GX, together with the Toyota Land Cruiser, is currently one of the few remaining ladder-frame SUVs available on the market. These two share the same underpinnings. It has been rumored for a while that the Japanese automaker is due to make the shift towards unibody architecture when it comes to these two models . They have been around pretty much unchanged since 2009. Moreover, the GX SUV is expected to adopt other significant changes. Those include new turbocharged engines and certain technological enhancements. If that pans out, the redesigned 2018 Lexus GX might make its public debut in late 2017 or early 2018.

2018 GX SUV Design and Features

The new car-like chassis will make the upcoming GX much lighter and more nimble than ever before. However, we don’t expect the redesigned version to lose the traditional styling cues. Especially it has been known for such a long time. The overhauled GX will probably be more aerodynamic than its rather boxy predecessor. It’s adopting the company’s latest design language. Of course, expect to see a new take on the giant spindle grille reminiscent of the one found on the recently redesigned RX or LX models.


Naturally, the 2018 Lexus GX will provide a driving experience that is much more car-like than it is the case with the current model. The outgoing GX boasts one of the sleekest and most comfortable cabins. We expect its successor to receive a host of new upscale materials and driver assistance systems. Anything less than that would come as a major surprise from Lexus. The reason is that it has become synonymous with automotive luxury and technological prowess.

2018 Lexus GX Engine

As for the engine options offered with the 2018 Lexus GX, we are still awaiting official confirmation. However, some reports have given us a hint that the automaker plans to introduce new turbocharged engines in an effort to improve fuel economy figures in the near future. The current naturally-aspirated 4.6-liter V8 generates 301 horsepower and 329 pound-feet of torque, while delivering quite underwhelming 15/20 mpg (city/highway). In any case, we’ll be paying close attention to any new details on that matter surfacing in the coming months.


If the rumors about the future Lexus GX redesign turn out to be true, this amazingly capable model will end the era of large ladder-frame SUVs. Hopefully, the upcoming changes will make it an even more appealing option than it currently is.

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