2018 Lincoln Navigator redesign

2018 Lincoln Navigator Redesign Worth for Waiting

The present Lincoln Navigator is great in its way and frankly speaking it has been for decades now. However, despite so many years, it is a crowd favorite for many and with automakers all set to release its 2018 Lincoln Navigator, more utility of a luxury SUV, and better rideability is the expectancy.

Lincoln Navigator 2018 model will be joining the F-150 Illuminati. It has all the possibility of this new-gen model remaining significant but it could slim down just a touch.” This is what tipsters after witnessing its leaked images and online renderings opine.

2018 Lincoln Navigator redesign

The automakers are very confident from their latest design and say that their 2018 Lincoln will present car enthusiasts all the convenience they seek for. A few months back visuals of this new 2018 Lincoln Navigator were brought to the forefront. Moreover, with the looks of it, tipsters opine, the vehicle does appear to be different in design and whatever enhancements it brings is in important regions of the model.

A look at this new 2018 Lincoln Navigator in detailing

Even with the possibility of a gull-wing design, automakers seem resolute in following the design language of its previous line-ups. The door will open upwards and will come with a three stairway into the cabin.

Frontal portion of this model will come with a redesigned grille hosting the company emblem right in its center. Crosshair design is likely to be through the grille space ensuring ample air circulation. The below portion of the grille will have some silver accents.

The frontal bumper will also increase slightly in its size and will likely hold some metallic accents. This makes the frontal bumper more compelling. The lower part of the frontal bumper will consist of . Headlights will come with upgraded Xenon LED daytime running lights. Right below the headlights, there appears to be a sleek line with most likely metallic accents on either side.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

The compact box-type structure will likely follow similar aluminum steel construction approach of the F-150. The usage of aluminum in its body helped shred down some pounds of the F-150, and this is what the automakers are hoping to achieve for their new-gen 2018 Lincoln Navigator. One confirmation which tipsters have pointed out is that this new model will have independent rear suspensions. This vehicle goes with the belief of offering brutal off-road capabilities and with its 22-inch alloy wheels and its All-Terrain wheels. It seems all the more possible.

Interior specifications

The previous line-up oozed class from its in-cab, and this will also be seen in this new edition of Lincoln Navigator 2018 version. Frontal seats come with quality-proven leather upholstery, and both front and back seats will have heating and cooling functionality. The steering wheels will also have a leather coating. Its virtual instrumental panel will have A 10 infotainment media and individual tablets for 2nd and 3rd-row passengers affixed upon the head rest. The cabin will have ample space for storage and accommodation capacity will for seven people.

Its safety specs

Dual zone climate control and 360-degree panoramic view. Maneuvering and parking assist. Lane departure prevention feature, 12 airbags, and pedestrian detection.  Emergency brakes and Adaptive cruise control.


This new 2018 Lincoln Navigator will likely come with a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged engine with the ability to crank up 400 HP of output and 450 lb-ft. torque.  Choice of transmission will likely be a 6-speed automatic gearbox. There is no surety about whether it will offer RWD or AWD. Its towing capacity will be around 10,000 pounds. EPA rating of this model as per popular beliefs is 22 mpg highway, 16 mpg in the city and 18 mpg combined (for RWD) and 20 mpg on freeways, 15 mpg in the city and 17 mpg combined (for 4-WD). Also, the belief is that the vehicle will make the 0-60 mph sprint in less than 6.7 seconds.

Price, competition, and launch

2018 Lincoln Navigator might come out in the 3rd quarter of 2017 or early part of 2018. Its starting price should be around $64,000 give or take. Competition for this model may come from Toyota Sequoia, Infinity QX80, and Nissan Armada.

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