2018 Skoda Octavia is Getting a Revival with Relaunch

The small family car named Octavia by Czech automakers Skoda Auto is gearing up for a release as the 2018 Skoda Octavia. First started in 1996, the vehicle has been a huge hit amongst middle-class customers across various countries as more than five million units have been sold in its existence of twenty years. The popularity of Octavia still has not died down and that is why Skoda is keen to come out with a 2018 model. Main competitors of this compact car are Renault Megane, Volkswagen Golf and Opel Astra.


Design of 2018 Skoda Octavia

Front fascia will feature a split headlight design confirming what was rumoured in spy shots. On the rear, a C-shaped tail light is also expected. That Skoda Octavia 2018 vehicle will undergo a makeover was earlier confirmed by the chief designer Jozef Kaban himself. The man also responsible for designing the very popular and expensive Bugatti Veyron. In an interview to Auto. Kaban had said that Octavia would get a facelift that too with “special care”.

16 and 18-inch alloy wheels will come in 2018 Skoda Octavia and all lights both in front and rear will have LED intakes. Space in the trunk is expected to be exactly same as its previous models, with a space of 20.8 cubic feet in the sedan version.


On the inside, this car will draw design inspirations from Skoda Superb. The previous models of the car looked similar to Superb as far as interiors were concerned, and that trend seems likely to continue. New safety features might also come as standard. Some of them include blind spot detection system, parking assist and camera 360 degree. It which came as an optional extra feature in previous versions will come as standard features of the car.

Skoda Ireland has already confirmed about a new heated steering wheel in 2018 Skoda Octavia through its Twitter account.  So that is an added feature. A new upgraded infotainment system will be integrated into the car. The Skoda Connect App will be provided that can be used to control windows, lighting and sunroof.

2018 Skoda Octavia RS245

The engine

The engine inside previous models of will probably be carried over in Skoda Octavia 2018. Although some trims might see some upgrades. The 2.0 L TFSI four-cylinder unit will be upgraded with a RS 245, producing a power of 245 horsepower and a torque of 237 lb-ft. The hatchback version will be able to reach from 0 to 62 mph in just 6.6 seconds. The sedan version will take 0.1 seconds more. Skoda is even planning to drop the 1.8 L TSI engine in favour of a 2.0 L engine. This one is a standard unit in Skoda’s seven seater SUV Kodiaq. A dual transmission of 6-speed manual and 7 speed automatic is expected like in the 2017 model.

Release date and price

2018 Skoda Octavia went into production in February of 2017 and is likely to be out in showrooms by the end of 2017. Starting prices are going to be around $18,000 with higher end models reaching to $25,000.

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