2018 Tesla Model C redesign

2018 Tesla Model C Another Tesla EV

American auto giants Tesla are all set to release an all-new subcompact electric vehicle according to rumors. After their Model III was released a few years ago, this will be yet another venture into the electric vehicle segment. As per some car magazine, this vehicle will be out as the year 2018 model and hence will be called 2018 Tesla Model C. Competition for this EV will be other urban electric cars like Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf and even the BMW i3.

The Engine

There is a lot of speculation about what this hatchback is going to house under its hood. A lot of options are available, right from a 40 kW engine to a 90 kW engine. However, Tesla Model C 2018 will probably end up with a 90 kW engine since the demand for 40 kW and 60 kW engines has been lowering according to experts.

In that case, the EV will be able to cover a distance of around 200 miles with a single charge. With supercharging available, the car can be charged really fast, which is a boon for an EV owner. An all-wheel drive option will be the standard choice, unlike Model III which had a rear-wheel drive as the standard option.

Tesla Model C concept

Styling of 2018 Tesla Model C

After the success of Tesla Model III, Model X and Model S, expectations are that Model C too will be designed with same care and finesse. Released sketches from inside sources have pointed towards redesigns that will be much more futuristic and unique. It is how Tesla have always done with their new electric vehicles.

This vehicle will have some features on the outside that will be similar to the Tesla Model S 2018, for instance, the nose in front will have some part of the grille and the badge on it. A unique bumper and newly styled headlights will be added, which will obviously be daylight running. Tires will probably come with stylish and shiny 5 spokes.


On the inside, the seats of Tesla Model C 2018 will have a leather cover but expect it to be of unique colors, most likely on the brighter side. A stylish dashboard with LED displays is being expected. Inner panels also will be made using top quality plastic and carbon fiber to keep the entire weight very light. Steering wheel will be telescopic and leather covered, with heating system on it. Safety features and infotainment systems will be futuristic. The most eye-catching feature is going to be forward sliding doors in this two-door electric hatchback. This will make Tesla Model C 2018 both unique and stylish at the same time.

Tesla Model C rear view

Expected arrival and price

Initial speculation had the 2018 Tesla Model C ready to come out by 2018. It seems this Tesla EV hatchback will not be available for buying before 2019. Realistically, expect it to be out by mid-2019. As far as the price is concerned, it will not be too far away from Tesla Model 3. Expect prices to start from around $35,000. Premium models will cost above $40,000.

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