2018 Tesla Model Y Price

The Model Y has definitely been confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to make its debut as a 2018 model. This compact SUV will be based on the same platform as the Model 3, slotting below the full-size Model X SUV. Interestingly, the 2018 Tesla Model Y will complete the company’s lineup of four models that spells “S3XY” when read together. According to Musk’s ambitious plans, Tesla’s brand new crossover is expected “to see demand in the 500,000 to 1 million unit per year level”. As far as the release date is concerned, the upcoming Model Y is likely to hit the market in late 2017 or early 2018 shortly after the Model 3.

2018 Tesla Model Y  Design and Features

Design-wise, the 2018 Tesla Model Y will take after the larger Model X, but it’s likely to lose its unusual gullwing doors. So, expect it to feature Tesla’s recognizable small front grille and pointy headlights at the front, with a sloping roof that is shorter than the one seen on the Model X. Just like the exterior styling, the interior will reflect the brand’s well-known design language. The center stack will be dominated by the huge touchscreen. The rest of the cabin will feature a clean and elegant look. However, its lower cost might reflect in the use of materials that can’t match the quality offered by other Tesla models. Although the Model Y will provide less passenger and cargo space than the Model X, it will still be one of the most capacious models in the compact crossover segment.



Details concerning the technical aspects of the 2018 Tesla Model Y are still scarce. It is expected to be motivated by the same drivetrain found in the Model X. In other words, it will likely deliver a driving range of 345 km, hitting the 100 km/h limit in less than six seconds. Just like its larger brother, the Model Y is expected also to adopt the Autopilot and Ludicrous modes.

2018 Tesla Model Y Cost

As for the 2018 Tesla Model Y price, no official statements have been issued so far. However, the last of the Tesla S3XY models is expected to be priced slightly higher than the Model X which starts at $35,000. Having in mind its technical abilities combined with unique styling, we think this amazing SUV will be quite a tempting choice available at around $40,000.

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