2018 Toyota Aygo New Hotness in the Global Car Market

Initially produced back in 2015, Toyota Aygo is due for some upliftment and tweaking for a long time. 1st generation model of this car got huge popularity in the European market; however, there were some drawbacks in terms of power and specification of this car. Addressing these drawbacks, the automaker is about to launch its 2nd generation hatchback as the 2018 Toyota Aygo. Design of this car is influenced by ‘I-go’ substance that provides versatility and flexibility to the Toyota Aygo 2018.

Interior Features

Upcoming 2018 Toyota Aygo is expected to be full with lots of innovative interior design. However, it is speculated that the interior of the 1st generation Aygo will be kept with some tweaking and upliftment. Whole interior will be made out of high-quality plastic. However, it is expected that the top variant will have some leather works in it. MirrorLink structure and R-inch contact application will be provided in this upcoming car for better connectivity. It is heard that the automaker is going to provide an option for a customize interior to their prospect buyer upon giving a little extra fee.

2018 Aygo iterior

Exterior of 2018 Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo 2018 Hatchback is a simple yet sophisticated car that provides a classy look. 1st generation of this car was pretty simple in design and this future one is expected to have the same design pattern. Much of cue and character line is not expected. However, an X-like bumper entryway will come along with daytime running LED lights and projector headlamps to give it a look like a beetle. It is speculated that the tail lamps will have a blade shape. The automaker can also bring an H-shaped 3 door variant of the 2018 Toyota Aygo to amaze all the prospect buyer.

Engine Specification

It is expected that the car maker will provide two engine options for 2018 Toyota Aygo to its buyer. A J-liter engine and an M.P- liter engine those can provide superior mileage. These engines may not be able to run with petrol. Both of these engines will be mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox along with a VVT program for better fuel efficiency. It is expected that the J-liter engine can provide 65 mpg on average; whereas the M.P-liter engine can provide 47 mpg.

2018 Toyota Aygo release

Accessories of Aygo

The automaker has made a plethora of accessories for its upcoming Toyota Aygo 2018. Some of them are as follows. Protectors for bumper corner.  Boot liner for securing luggage.  15-inch winter rim for better road grip. Multi-colored mirror cover. Leather seats with auto heating technology. Except for these remarkable accessories, there are several other add-ons too.

Release Date and Price

Regarding the launching date, there is no clear answer from the automaker. However, it is expected that the 2018 Toyota Aygo will be available in the showrooms from the first quarter of 2018. The cost of this upcoming car will vary somewhere between $10,500 and $14,500.
So, people who want to enjoy driving at a slow speed and low cost in a classy car can go for this one without any further thoughts.

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