2018 Toyota Hilux

2018 Toyota Hilux Brings a New Model with High Expectations

Toyota has a long-standing reputation in the automobile industry for producing quality mid-size pickups and sedans. Its widespread marketing network has ensured that almost all Toyota models are available quite easily across the globe. For their upcoming pick-up roster in the US, they are looking to introduce 2018 Toyota Hilux as a compact pickup truck. This Hilux franchise has had a remarkable market share for Toyota over the last decade or so. Most of its earlier iterations have been quite successful, and this upcoming model is certainly looking to improve that trend. Among its top features, Toyota is looking for serious chassis modification and overall tech improvement.

New Toyota Hilux 2018 trims

2018 Toyota Hilux is likely to show up with multiple trim variants in their repertoire. Since this new model is still in its final testing phase, not much information has been supplied by the company. Still, customers can expect the following trim variants: Single-Cab, Extra-Cab, and

2018 Toyota Hilux

Engine Choices

As far as engine choices for Toyota Hilux 2018 are concerned, the company has already announced that it will retain its previous engine model for this 2018 vehicle. Alongside that, Toyota is also looking to offer a separate diesel power train for interested customers.  Its base engine model consists of a 2.8 L Turbo diesel power train that can generate around 177 HP of max power as well as around 334 lb-ft of max torque.

A separate 2.4 L turbo diesel unit is also available which will be able to produce around 163 HP of max power, along with 300 lb-ft of max torque. A 2.7 L Inline 4 Petrol with producing around 163 HP and 180 lb-ft. An additional 4.0 L V6 producing nearly 240 HP and 270 lb-ft.

Fuel Economy and Performance

Both of 2018 Toyota Hilux turbo diesel engines have strong fuel economy figures. Still, Toyota has promised its customers that its base engine model will be able to maintain a combined EPA rating of 19 MPG, with a rating of 25 MPG for highway drive.

rear view 2018 Toyota Hilux

Both powertrain models will be coupled with a 6 speed automatic transmission module. There has been a rumour surrounding a manual option for customers as well, but no concrete information is available at this point. This model will be able to accelerate 0-60 MPH in just 7 seconds. Best towing capacity figures with the 2.8 turbo-diesel comes in at around 3,500 pounds with the 4.0 L petrol obviously achieving better figures.

Design Changes

There will be some imminent design changes in this new 2018 Toyota Hilux. Toyota has taken special care to ensure that their mid-size pickup is upgraded to meet modern styling standards. Some of those changes include an aggressive front fascia redesign with new alloy bull bars. Finely tuned new alloy wheels with multiple tire options. Increase in cargo space with additional roof racks. New LED head and tail lamps lend additional styling. Upgraded interior chassis design, with modified central console. Improved infotainment module with better safety features.

2018 Toyota Hilux Price and Release

There has been no release date mentioned for 2018 Toyota Hilux. Still, experts suggest that customers can expect this model to hit international showrooms by mid-2018. Its base MSRP is expected to be around $24,000, while higher trim variants will cost more.

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