2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Takes on a New Design Style

Toyota is looking to bring out a brand new model this fall of 2017. Their flagship 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser is certainly going to be a stand out automobile in their roster. This mid-size SUV model excels in all spheres of vehicular sophistication. It has excellent off-road capabilities, as well as impressive sedan styled design.

Official sources from Toyota have revealed that a separate Land Cruiser Prado model will be made alongside this 2018 vehicle. Still, this base model will serve as a great alternative to high end SUV models in the US and European market. Rumors of a mid-cycle refresh are also circulating after its initial release.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Details

Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 will have a great improvement in terms of its powertrain option and engine upgrades. It is very likely that Toyota will retain its current powertrain that was in its previous models. A 5.7 L turbocharged V8 cylinder engine would form this Land Cruiser’s core power train.

This setup can produce almost 381 HP power at 5600 RPM as well as around 401 lb-ft of torque at 3600 RPM. Additional engine details include. An all-wheel drive train configuration is standard in all models of this vehicle. Toyota has already declared that no rear wheel drive train option will be available. An 8 speed automatic transmission module with sequential shift is high on expectancy. Improved fuel economy figures are likely to show, as this model estimates an EPA rating of 14 MPG in city drive as well as around 18 MPG in highway drive.

Design Changes

In order to provide a better design layout to this 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota has taken special care to incorporate certain key elements. A completely redesigned front fascia marks the most drastic change in this new model. Some of its other changes include a larger horizontal grille design with sleeker head lights and improved chrome slats. Its front fascia looks more aggressive with new styling elements such as bordering accents.  Subtle changes to its headlamp layout have been made, with a robust front bumper design. For its rear portion, this model will feature a slim layout for tail lamps. Better and larger aluminium wheels would be added as well to this new frame.


Interior Upgrades

Most of the rumors about interior changes of Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 is speculative in nature since this model has not yet finished production. Still, Toyota has confirmed certain details about newer elements that will be present in it. Among them, this model will have wooden and chrome trims in its cabin.

In addition to that, this SUV will also get a brand new infotainment module, with a larger central display. Additional software upgrades and safety improvements are added to it.

Price and Release

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser is still in its production phase. Therefore official reports have not indicated any potential release date for this vehicle. Its base price will start at around $85000. Optional upgrades and accessory changes might drive that cost up. Customers can expect this model to come out in the US by mid-2017 or during the first quarter of 2018.

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