2018 Volvo S80

2018 Volvo S80 offers a competitive mass market product with enhanced design

A competitive mass market mid-size sedan with an electric motor is not something that customers are familiar to on the whole. Well, Volvo is looking to bring out their flagship 2018 Volvo S80 that will be just that. After their 2016 model was well received in the international market, the automobile company is ready to bring out a better successor to it.

This mid-size luxury sedan model is certain to please critics and customers alike. It has incorporated a powerful electric engine module in its developed chassis, along with several improvements in its styling. Even this model is elegantly designed, taking up various illustrative components to please its customer base.

Available Trims

2018 Volvo S80 will continue its predecessor’s trim variants. This implies that this model will have at least 4 separate trim options for customers to choose from. What are they? Let’s take a look: T5 Base, T6 Base, T5 Platinum, T6 Platinum.

2018 Volvo S80

Engine Options

As far as the engine choices for Volvo S80 2018 are concerned, customers can expect at least 2 different engine models in this car. These engine choices will depend on the type of trim variant. The following power train options are available: A 2.0 L 4-cylinder Drive E Turbo T5 electric motor constitutes its base engine. This model can produce a maximum power of 240 HP, along with 258 lb-ft of torque. A separate 2.0 L 4 cylinder Drive E Turbo T6 electric engine is also available that can produce a power rating of 300 HP and a torque rating of 325 lb-ft.

Fuel Economy

2018 Volvo S80 is looking to improve its overall fuel economy even further with this current line-up of engines. Therefore, its electric engines are going to be very economical in their EPA ratings. Its base engine offers around 37 MPG on city drive, while its T6 motor offers 28 MPG. A combined fuel economy rating of 34 MPG has been officially designated for this model.

Additional performance features include. A standard front wheel drive train configuration for its base engine is available. Its T6 engine offers an optional all-wheel drive train setup. Both models come with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission module. Its T6 engine also offers an optional manual transmission upgrade.

Volvo S80 interior

Design Upgrades

2018 Volvo S80 is looking to incorporate brand new design features in their latest model. A host of optional upgrades are available for customers to choose from. Some of those features are. Modified rear bumper, with an aerodynamic chassis design. Three separate wheel options, with a standard 17-inch along with optional 18 and 19 inches. Lowered chassis design with a 4-C sports suspension. Adaptive digital display with a wide angle TFT or LCD infotainment screen.

Price and Availability

2018 Volvo S80 will come out in the US markets by late 2017. However, European markets might have to wait till the beginning of 2018 to see its release. This base price may start from around $42,000 and can go up to $63,000 depending upon the choice of optional upgrades and other add-ons.

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