2018 VW Amarok V6

2018 VW Amarok The new Apex Predator

In traditional Inuit culture “Amarok” stands for the wolf, and that’s exactly what the new 2018 VW Amarok promises to be. The expectations are high for Volkswagen’s newest stallion to take the pickup truck market by storm. Since its debut at General Pacheco, Argentina in 2010, the Amarok has steadily grown in popularity. Its success has established Volkswagen as the home of the world’s best pickup trucks. 2018 is speculated to be a critical point on this pickup truck’s journey to world domination. Going by current predictions, the VW Amarok is expected to enter the market by the end of 2017.

How does 2018 VW Amarok look from the outside?

Changes in the exterior department of the new pickup are very subtle when compared to its predecessors. VW’s new styling has been put to use in front where two horizontal grill bars have been installed, with VW’s logo in the middle. Expect to see body color bumpers with a new set of fog lamps for a sportier fascia. Speaking of lamps, the pickup will also house new headlights which come with LED daytime running lights. Wheel dimensions are likely to be around 19 inches.

2018 VW Amarok V6

The sides have sculpted carve-outs for windows, large fender flares that are squared-off. There are also options for side steps that help drivers enter and exit more easily. When it comes to the backside, things remain mostly similar to the outgoing pickup. The VW Amarok 2018 still has a slim rear bumper with a center step for easy access to the bed.

What to expect as far as interiors are concerned

While exterior changes will be seen at a minimum, expect the interior segment to be a more drastic shift from its previous framework. Only the center console and dashboard designs remain unchanged. The steering wheel will now house an array of controls and buttons for easier maneuverability of features like driver information system.

One can expect to see a brand new infotainment screen and a freshly redesigned gauge reading cluster. To make for a more interactive driving experience an optional 3D driver information screen has also been provided in the higher end variants.

interior 2018 VW Amarok


The new VW Amarok 2018 comes with a more updated center stack. It now includes a larger screen, a more advanced guidance system, standard Bluetooth and USB connections. For greater comfort on longer transits, VW’s latest 14-way ergo comfort seats have been added to the front. It is said to adjust to any body shape so that maximum comfort can be provided to everyone. Volkswagen’s Latest Parking Pilot system has been added to make for easier parking experience.

Engine and Powertrain

Expect the engine department to house a 3.0-liter V-6 turbocharged diesel variant, which is capable of churning out 225 HP of power and 410 lb-ft of torque. Transmission should remain at 8-speed automatic. A paddle shift gear mechanism has been added for manual shifting purposes. Rear wheel drive system comes as a standard with the 2018 VW Amarok V6 while a 4Motion AWD can be optionally selected. Towing capacity will be somewhere around 7100 pounds. Its body on frame structure remains the same with suspensions being a double-wishbone one in front and leaf springs at the rear end.

rear view 2018 Amarok

Price and competition

2018 VW Amarok is expected to be around $28,000. The price bracket is an extremely competitive one, with Volkswagen pointing out that their new mid sized truck’s main rivals as Toyota’s widely popular Hilux and Ford’s equally successful Ranger. It can be concluded that Volkswagen has proved itself to be a quality manufacturer of pickup trucks! But in an ever-changing market scenario with tougher competition from rival auto manufacturers, the wolves of Volkswagen have to be at their very best to complement their current dominance.

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