2018 VW Passat redesign

2018 VW Passat Lives up to its Reputation

Since its arrival at the automotive space in 1973, Volkswagen Passat has been a steady performer for the German auto giants. Described as a large family car, its demand worldwide has been quite consistent. In fact, the car has gone through 8 generations of design upgrades with the latest 2018 VW Passat expected to hit the market by the fourth quarter of 2017. Volkswagen claims that their latest addition to the Passat lineage will comprise of a wide array of changes that will put it at the vanguard of German automotive excellence.

Powertrain and Engine Specifications

Opinions are divided as far as speculations on engine development are concerned. Some expect to see the older V6 engine to be dropped for a more powerful intercooler 4 cylinder turbocharged variant. However, others think that the same powertrain configuration will be carried forward to the new 2018 VW Passat.

2018 VW Passat redesign

Which means the engine might come in its two existing variants- a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder turbo, putting out 170 HP at 184 lb-ft of torque and a 3.6 liter V6 power plant, producing 280 Hp at 260 lb-ft of torque. A per speculations, expect to have the same 6-speed automatic transmission as used in earlier models. As per EPA ratings go, mileage can be close to 20 mpg for cities and 28 mpg on highways.

2018 VW Passat Redesign

Although Volkswagen Passat started out as a simple family car with minimal design elements, it has changed itself drastically over many generations. Expect the 2018 VW Passat to boast a more modern outlook with newer design elements. The overall look can be expected to be sharp and clean.

Slight redesigning of the front grilles bracketed by a set of brand new auto LED headlamps goes a long way in establishing an exciting outlook. Expect to see new body colored bumpers for an enhanced modern look. Two sets of 16-inch aluminum wheels come as a standard while a compact one made out of steel might appear.

2018 VW Passat interior


VW Passat 2018 will come with a standard 5 person seating capacity. For comfort enhancement, one can expect high-quality supportive seats with cloth door panels. Usual technological gadgets like automotive wipers, Apple Carplay and android auto to come as standard. Bluetooth and USB connectivity with a more user-friendly center console are going to be included inside.

Safety department

European car manufacturers are known for their safety standards and Volkswagen is no exception to this. 2018 VW Passat comes with a highly adaptive cruise control system enabling a smoother long distance transit. An efficient anti-collision system with automatic braking capabilities for reduction of impact on collision is also going to be integrated. Expect to see more safety features like lane assist and rear parking assist will also come in the safety module.

Competition and Pricing

Honda Accord and Toyota’s Camry are considered to be Volkswagen’s main rivals in this large family car market. So, pricing of the VW Passat 2018 is speculated to match the market’s demand. It is expected to cost from $25,000 to $30,000. Henceforth the new 2018 VW Passat has a lot of expectations riding on its shoulders. Standards set by previous models are high and exceeding this level will be Volkswagen’s number one priority.

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