2019 BMW X4

2019 BMW X4 instead of 2018 BMW X4

BMW attracts a lot of attention to the announcements of its new projects and ventures. Among other things, there are new models like the 8 Series, X7 SUV and some other. On the other hand, the company renews and refreshes of existing models. One of the interesting model, which is waiting for its new edition is the 2019 BMW X4. Although the changes and improvements expected for  2018 MY, BMW has decided to completely new model, the new release, available as a 2019 MY.

Before the new X4 appears on the market, BMW will offer refurbished X3 and X5 models. What everybody expects, is to see what the company is prepared for a new generation of models. What is certain, it is a new design and significant improvements, compared to the current model. Certainly, the greatest attention is drawn to two performance versions of the BMW X4 M40i and new BMW X4 M version.

2019 BMW X4

Design and Construction

The 2019 BMW X4 is based on CLAR platform. On the same platform is based and the new X3 SUV. The CLAR platform offers great possibilities in design but also in technical and engineering projects. First of all, this platform provides a lightweight construction and compatibility with alternative engine options. This platform will adorn the renovated X5 SUV, and is taken from the new 7 Series.

The platform of the new BMW 7 Series, while a new design inspired by completely different model. Redesigned BMW X4 2019 borrows design solutions and ideas from the BMW 8 Series Concept. This model, in the new edition, adorned with enlarged grille, headlights thin, fluid surfacing, and wraparound taillights. These elements are made of this concept.


Test specimens of the new generation have already recorded. A small amount of camouflage on them, somewhat answers the differences compared to the current model. Most of the difference is reflected in the new design elements of the exterior. First of all, angular and aggressive look of ‘light, showing off a sportier front end. The overall impression is that the new model takes on a more prominent features and design of SUV models, compared to the current model, which has a more sporty coupe-like look of the car with high clearance.

2019 BMW X4 redesign

2019 BMW X4 Specs and Release News

According to some information, the new X4 could be played over the 2017 LA Auto Show. However, there are those who think that it is early, and that the 2019 model will be launched in the spring of 2018. All in all, sales of new and redesigned models, will not start before the second quarter of 2018.

The 2019 BMW X4 comes with a powerful turbocharged engines, but also in the version with plug-in hybrid powertrain. Also, as mentioned, will offer to enrich and two performance versions, created under the auspices of the M Performance Team. Basically, the new model comes with a 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter turbocharged inline engines in combination with 8-speed automatic transmission. There will be versions with 4×2 xDrive  and 4×4-xDrive propulsion system.

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