2019 Dodge Journey Redesign is Coming from Italy

Journey SUV, a vehicle, which for many years surviving in the market, will host its own transformation. The current iteration of this model is the 2018 Dodge Journey. Do not changed compared to previous models. FCA group since 2009, literally, just the makeup, this vehicle. The new generation will present the 2019 Dodge Journey. This model will be changed from the root. In the spirit of Europe, and with a series of components that are primarily features Alfa Romeo models.

No one thought that the Journey model needed a quick redesign. During 2016, Journey SUV has sold 105,400 copies. We can say that is old, almost a decade, this model fully meet their expectations. For this reason, FCA is first changed other models, and moved on to new models. 2019 Dodge Journey will be changed from the root.

new generation Dodge Journey 2019

2019 Dodge Journey Design Changes

The all-new 2019 Journey will be more Italian than American. It will ride on the same platform Giorgio, as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The new vehicle will have a sleeker design. It will be shorter than today’s model (192.4 inches/4,887 millimeters). Giorgio platform, is not the only thing that Journey may share with Alfa Romeo. Dodge Journey 2019  will share a powertrain with the Stelvio crossover. The speculative renders coming from Allpar, just point to the great influence FCA models that are produced in Europe, to the new generation Journey model.

2019 Journey SUV Specs and Price

Next Journey will probably switch current front-wheel-drive layout to a RWD setup. Given that the new platform, one of the most modified on the market, it is very possible that in the offer, and AWD. Drive units are still questionable. Connection Stelvio crossover with Journey  SUV is the cause of what some sources cite 2.0 L turbo engine with 280 hp as a possible drive. Dodge probably will not sell a diesel crossover. FCA’s eight-speed automatic transmission will fit next Journey no matter the engine.

Another Journey generation model, will be on the market as a 2018 model in 2019. The Stelvio model has a high cost compared to the current model Journey. The base version of the Alfa crossover at $ 42,990, a 2018 Dodge Journey almost twice less. More precisely $ 21,195. Due to the complete redesign of the model, we can expect higher prices of 2019 Dodge Journey SUV.

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