2019 Ford Ranger redesign

2019 Ford Ranger Comeback with Style

The new generation Ford Ranger pickup model will again be available to American customers. Its promotion was announced for 2018, and soon after arriving in showrooms. That 2019 Ford Ranger again becoming a global model, asĀ another returnee the 2020 Ford Bronco. While there is a period in which the Ranger was not present in the home market as he never left.

The absence of Ranger pickup on the US market, is caused by the fact they have approached the larger F-150 model. He continued to be offered in the market of Europe, Australia and some other markets. On these markets, the current generation (T6) has achieved remarkable success. At the same time, the Ford F-150 is the ‘grown’, and the dimensions and characteristics. Thus, even in the US market opened vacancy in the Ford range pickup models. A need and demand for these models is exceptional.

2019 Ford Ranger redesign

All-new Ranger Design

The current generation is based on the T6 platform. The design of the vehicle is entrusted to the Australian branch of the Ford Motor Company. It turns out that this model hit. This is proven by the sales figures, as well as the ‘criticism’ that have been leveled against the current Ranger. The new generation, or 2019 Ford Ranger receives a modified T6 platform.

On the same platform, and the other is coming ‘returnee’, the new Bronco SUV. The platform offers great opportunities for engineering and design modifications. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to vehicle configuration, with 2WD and 4WD drive system.

Improvement and modification of new generation have been announced but not specified. Development and improvement of vehicles are entrusted to the same team, which is responsible for the success of the current model. More specifically, Ford’s Asian-Pacific engineering team will give its stamp and the new 2019 Ford Ranger model. Nonetheless, the American model will be produced at Ford’s plant in Michigan, USA.

Many believe that the current model is the best and most advanced so far. Probably, it is, thanks to the large amount of improvement over all previous models. Nonetheless, Ford is planning further improvements for 2019 model. According to current knowledge and rumors, the new generation will get the outlines of a larger F-150 pickup truck.

Ford Ranger 2019 concept

2019 Ford Ranger Power Specs

Despite the fact that the new generation is becoming a global model, it should satisfy the diverse needs and desires of customers. All this because the 2019 Ranger announced as MPVs. On the one hand, the vehicle should provide convenience for those who are selected as a vehicle for everyday needs, or the city turbidity test were performed. In contrast, there are those who will serve for Ranger performance. Among them are small entrepreneurs and farmers. Finally, the all-new Ranger will be a choice of a large number of members of the younger generation of customers. Their needs of adventurous spirit and great off-road characteristics of the vehicle must also be met.

Consequently, Ford will offer a number of different versions of the new model. This includes a wide range of powerful, economical and reliable power units. Different customer needs are not the only thing that causes a range of different engines. Of course, the market on which the vehicle is offered, dictates the choice and range of engines.


Thus, customers in the US market to get versions with petrol engines. On this market is not expected to offer a version with a diesel engine, regardless of excellent performance. Among others, naturally aspirated V6 and turbocharged EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine will be fitted in the US version of the model. As another option, mentioned V8 petrol engine.

These generators will be installed, and the European version of the model, and the model designed for the Australian market. However, these markets will also get versions with diesel engines. Most of the diesel engine cine 5-cylinder units.

We have already mentioned that T6 platform offers the possibility to the drive system via one or via two drive shafts. Therefore will be offered a large choice of versions with 2WD and 4WD drive system. Also, 2019 Ford Ranger comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Whether as standard or as an option, it remains to be seen.

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