2019 Honda Urban EV New City Car for Europe

2019 Honda Urban EV in the form of a concept presented at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. With an outer design that resembles the Civic model from the “happy 70s”. For some time now, companies have not come up with a futuristic concept, which may well be found in production. “Playing a safe” and “similar card”, clearly talks about the company’s very recent plans. In that sense, the electrification of vehicles, which represents the future of automotive.


2019 Honda Urban EV Design

The concept is just one of the first Civic models. Much more modern, of course. 2019 Honda Urban EV is conceived as an electric, city car. It does not pay attention to detail, luxury and size. On the contrary, the round light groups and short leaves behind and behind, are actually a reflection of the character of this vehicle. Its simplicity and elegance point to functionality and economy!

Honda announced the beginning of the serial production and sales of 2019 Urban EV models in 2019. Unfortunately, this city car will only be found on the European market. It is not known for what reason Honda wants to limit the sale of this model to the European market only. The smallest model in Europe, currently Honda Jazz. 2019 Honda Urban EV is a smaller model and the smallest in the offer.

Interior 2019 Honda Urban EV

The futuristic look of the Urban EV 2019 model is very visible in the interior of the vehicle. The cockpit is dominated by a wide digital display and cameras. All this replaces traditional rearview mirrors and analogue displays. The vehicle has seats for four people. It has three doors, with the door opening back. In this way, it is easier to enter the car, primarily to passengers sitting in the back.

New Honda Electric City Car

The company did not give any notice of the specification or technical capabilities of the vehicle. It is not known how, or how strong the electric drive, will be located in 2019 Honda Urban EV. Some sources, however, stated that the Japanese company gave a shy statement about the possible autonomy of the vehicle. It could range between 300 and 350 km.

rear view of Honda Urban EV

We expect more data in the coming period, when Honda will specify both the date of presentation and the specification of this model.

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