2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz Price and Release Date

During 2018, on the sale will find 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup model. This vehicle is based on the Tucson SUV. At first it was shown in concept form. Soon after, the demand for such vehicles enticed and official confirmation of the company Hyundai. The new pickup model, will be officially launched in November 2017 in Los Angeles.

Research has shown that the South Korean company, can sell about 50,000 pickup model year. This is one reason why Hyundai expands its model lineup with the 2019 Santa Cruz pickup truck. With a basic price of around $ 25,000, and the possible increase in sales, even up to 70,000, this figure is bulky and overwhelming influx.

2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup concept

2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup Design

Equally popular are, SUV segment and the mid-size pickup segment. The combination of crossovers and pickup models is a big hit when it comes to the 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz model. Cab comfort is taken from the Tucson SUV, and has space for five people. For convenience vehicles are primarily influenced by the characteristics of pickup models. The target group of the future owner, is younger population. However, this does not mean that older customers will not realize the quality.

This urban crossover truck in the final appearance will surely have a milder futuristic version of the one we saw. The concept is completely subordinated to the new, modern and unusual. Starting with an unprecedented appearance LED lighting groups. A striking hexagonal grid engine. Then he presented the concept of large-size aluminum wheels with Michelin tires. The vehicle was presented without a B-pillar. To facilitate entry and exit of vehicles. However we can not safely say that the serial product will be of the same design.

2019 Santa Cruz concept rear view


In addition to the partial design and comfort of an SUV Tucson, 2019 Santa Cruz pickup will take over and drive units. These are the two engines. The first is a 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine with 164 hp and 151 rpm. The second engine is less volume, 1.6 L, which disposes of 175 hp at 195 rpm. What is still not one hundred percent sure, but some sources say it is, is a diesel engine. This should be a 2.0 L turbo diesel engine with 190 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque.

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