2019 Mercedes CLS Release Date

The third generation CLS coupe will have a premiere at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November 2017. The 2019 Mercedes CLS goes on sale in Germany in March, and in the US in July. Some sources say the new 2019 CLS, Mercedes as a new inline-six which America will finally get.

Third generation Mercedes CLS 2019

New 2019 CLS Changes

The current second-generation model on the market has been in the market for seven years, more precisely since 2010. Photographs with a minimum camouflage speak in favor of driving the test drive to an end. In less than a month, the 2019 Mercedes CLS will have a premiere. To what extent is this third generation different from the previous two generations, it can already be concluded now.

In a very similar way, the company resolved the design of the new CLS coupe, as well as the previous two times. The new model is a combination of unique parts and platform sharing. The vehicle is mounted on the MRA platform, which it shares with the E-Class. The engines and electronics will be shared with the S-Class. A lot of aerodynamic work happens under the CLS four-door coupe. Without spoilers, and additional elements that indicate the importance of aerodynamics, the new CLS special design ensures everything. Outside as a luxury coupe, and under a hood, like a powerful car. The crisp character line of the first-gen CLS does not make a return. Instead, the new Mercedes CLS 2019 dominates the muscular design.

2019 Mercedes CLS Engines

As far as the drive units are concerned, there will be two petrol and three diesel engines. Gasoline engines, one with four and one with six cylinders. The first engine, 2.0 L inline-four will have 300 hp. 3.0 L inline-six with 367 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. With this engine, the 2019 CLS450 model will be fitted.

The 2019 Mercedes CLS AMG, or how it is designated as the CLS53 model, will appear later on and offer a power of 435 hp.

Diesel engines will also be with 4 or 6 cylinders. Specifically, the basic model would be powered by a four-cylinder engine with 245 hp. The other two 6-cylinder 6-cylinder units deliver 284 hp and 340 hp.

Although many elements are borrowed from other models of the Mercedes lineup, CLS is still consistent in some segments. For example, the interior is unchanged in the sense that it reminds many of the previous generations. Of course new, better materials, and finishing, now give the vehicle a much more modern and luxurious look. Classic analog watches and circular ventilation openings are part of the instrument panel.

interior of 2019 CLS

The price of the vehicle has not yet been specified in any announcement. We sincerely hope that Mercedes will come out with more information and finally specification already at the LA Auto Show, when the 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS will also be premiered.

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