2019 Toyota Celica

2019 Toyota Celica as Replacement for GT86

Toyota Motor Corporation could return the name “Celica” to its nomenclature. Namely, 2019 Toyota Celica could replace the current GT86 sports model. However, this is just one of the options. There are other options. One of them is that the new Celica will be a completely new model. Completely contrary to these theories, there is also a third theory. It is based on what the Mitsubishi company did.

The Mitsubishi company has stopped producing the Eclipse sports model. Instead, the company offered a new crossover model called the Eclipse Cross. There are indications that Toyota will offer Celica Crossover in response to Mitsubishi’s move. So far, none of these theories have been confirmed. What is certain is that the new generation of the Toyota GT86 is scheduled for 2019. Whether the new model will arrive as 2019 Celica, remains to be seen.

One thing is certain. Toyota returns the legendary Supra sports model to the offer. This model was developed in cooperation with the BMW company. This kind of development has begun speculation about the return of the legendary Toyota Celica model. On the one hand, there are those who advocate the theory that the new Celica will replace the current GT86. This theory is advocated by people from “Motor1”. They consider that Celica is a much more famous flagship in the world, compared to the GT86. On the other hand, the magazine “Car and Driver” advocates a completely different theory. According to them, Celica Coupe will occupy the position of the basic sports model of the brand.

2019 Toyota Celica

2019 Toyota Celica Specs

We have already mentioned that the arrival of the new generation of the Toyota GT86 sports coupe is notable. It was announced for 2019. According to the information so far, cooperation between Toyota and Subaru continues. In the light of these events, there is a theory that Toyota simply puts the label Celica on a concept car and announces a new generation of GT86 models.

However, the 2019 Toyota Celica, as well as earlier models, will have a front-wheel drive. It is assumed that the vehicle will be used by the company’s new TNGA platform.

replacement for GT86

There is no data on motorization of the vehicle. However, we can look at the current Toyota GT86 coupe. If the new Celica replaces this model, it’s all clearer. The current GT86 has a proven Subaru’s 2.0-liter boxer engine. This engine is 205 horsepower and 211 Nm of torque. The vehicle has a new Track Mode Drive. Within this mode, the TRC (slip control) and VSC (electronic stability system) are minimized. This cycle, gives the driver an immeasurable freedom while driving. Namely, this allows driving at the very limit of adhesion.


2019 Toyota Celica will be the right move of the company. For which of these, the option is decided by companies, this will be an exceptional vehicle. We believe that many, with impatience, expect the Toyota Celica 2019. Our opinion is that the new Celica can not be a ‘failure’ anyway.

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