2019 VW Phaeton EV

2019 VW Phaeton All-Electric New Luxury Sedan

The history of the VW Phaeton model, which has been as long as 15 years, is in some ways still coming to an end. According to official information, this model was more costly to the Volkswagen company than it earned on it. But even after all the downfall and defeat, this luxury sedan does not see its end. On the contrary, the 2019 VW Phaeton, all-electric although most likely only in the concept form will be presented to the audience.

VW Phaeton Overview

There were three attempts to improve this model. In 2002, the model appeared on the market. No results were recorded. Already in 2007, then in 2010, it was re-invested in this model. The $ 1 billion spent on the first generation never returned. In the first ten years, Volkswagen lost $ 28,000 on every manufactured vehicle. After just 84,000 sales of the Phaeton model for 14 years, everything indicated a complete end. However, the 2019 VW Phaeton returns, with a completely new story and offer that is fully in line with the 21st century.

2019 VW Phaeton EV

All-electric Phaeton will certainly be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. Some sources assume that we will first have the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept model. In this way, the VW company will have feedback, at the very least, whether there is interest or not for this type of vehicle.

2019 VW Phaeton Design

Electricity, batteries and chargers are mostly used for city cars so far. Not large dimensions. First of all, it is accessible, functional and economical. 2019 Phaeton EV will keep its 5 meter length. It will be installed on the new MEB Volkswagen platform. MEB platform and this architecture so far have been used for battery-electric vehicles of the same company.

According to previous sources, Electric Phaeton will have batteries of 100 kWh. And the autonomy will be at least 300 miles (483 km).

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