2020 Gazoo Racing Supra Old Name under New Brand

For a long time it is expected that Toyota will present a new generation of Supra models. The return of this legendary sports model is waiting for more than a decade and a half. Now it is known that this will happen in mid-2019. However, the new generation of the model will be sold as 2020 Gazoo Racing Supra. More precisely, instead of the “Toyota” logo, the new Supra comes with a “GR” mark.

“GR” is an acronym for Toyota’s Gazoo Racing. This department is in charge of Toyota’s racing activities. Otherwise, the company recently introduced the offer of sports car models behind which is their factory compartment Gazoo Racing. The primary task, these unit units is to prepare Toyota’s racing cars for two prestigious championships. They are the World Rally Championship (WRC) and the World Endurance Championship (WEC).

2020 Gazoo Racing Supra


The new generation of the Supra models shares the platform with BMW’s new generation of Z4. BMW’s novelty will be introduced a year before the GR Supra model. While the new BMW Z4 comes in the form of a roadster, the 2020 Gazoo Racing Supra comes exclusively in the Coupe form.

Otherwise, Supra will be the first model that will not be labeled “Toyota”. The existing models, Toyota companies with the addition of GR in the title, will not be re-branded. Such models are only available on the market of Japan.

However, the GR Supra will be offered exclusively with the “GR” mark. Thus Gazoo racing becomes the second sub-brand of the Toyota company. This sub-brand is solely responsible for sports models. Remember, Toyota already owns a Lexus sub-brand. In the recent past, Toyota also owned the Scion sub-brand. However, the company has “shut down” this brand.

Finally, analysts and experts agree, in one. The introduction of the new sub-brand, and the return of the legendary name Supra, Toyota is doing a great job. The previous Supra model was produced in four generations, from 1978-2002.

2020 Toyota GR Supra

2020 Gazoo Racing Supra Specs

The new generation of the model has been announced as a very agile and lightweight model. 2020 GR Supra will be extremely fast, manageable and ultimately fun sporty coupe. According to recent information, the vehicle will have a smaller weight than the competitive models, coming from Porsche and Alpine, as well as other companies.

Below the hood will be found two 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo engines, in twin-turbo form. Also, there is the option of installing a 3.0-liter power unit. There are two possibilities here. Or it will offer a Lexus V6 Twin Turbo engine, or a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder turbocharged turbo engine from the 350-horsepower BMW Z4.

Various opinions about the choice of gearboxes for the new model appeared. Namely, GR Supra will offer only automatic transmission. On the other hand, the new BMW Z4 will also offer a manual gearbox. Some of the enthusiasts in this type of car were very critical of this decision of the company. Namely, traditionalists believe that such a model should receive a manual gearbox.


Supra and BMW Z4 will share the same platform. As for the design, each of these manufacturers will give their own designer stamp to their model. The front of the vehicle is covered with a massive bumper. Massive air intakes are visible on it. Also, somewhat less camouflage is found in the last light group, so its design is visible. However, what is best seen is the shape and lines of the vehicle. In sum, the 2020 Gazoo racing Supra is a powerful and attractive sport coupe.

On the other hand, the appearance and detail of the interior of the vehicle are the biggest unknowns. However, there is information that reveals some details of the interior. Specifically, the BMW Z4 model will borrow some certain elements of the interior from.

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