Ferrari SUV 2021

Ferrari SUV Confirmed for the beginning of the new decade

What seemed like science fiction, or what is contrary to common sense, it has become certain and very real. Namely, the first man of the Fiat-Chrysler Group has stated that it will never allow the SUV model to be produced, under “Ferrari” badge. Although his statement from 2016, it was much more conspicuous than the aforementioned statement. However, Ferrari SUV is confirmed, and his arrival is expected in the next decade, or by 2021. Market demands simply dictate new trends. For this reason, all car manufacturers “hurry” to offer their version Utility Vehicle, in the fastest growing segment on the auto market.

Why would Ferrari differ from other ultra-luxury brands? No reason. Whether it’s known that Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Maserati and Lamborghini decided to offer their SUV models, it was simply expected that Ferrari would also take that route. The new Ferrari SUV, codenamed F16X, will be joined by Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Aston Martin DBX, Maserati Levante and Lamborghini Urus premium-luxury SUV models.


First of all, the first man of Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, Sergio Marchionne, presented the company’s five-year business plan. As for the Ferrari brand, we are waiting for the introduction of the successor to the GTC4 Lusso model, which is planned for 2020. This model is important for the development of the future Ferrari SUV because it will ‘split’ the platform with it. When the successor to the GTC4 Lusso model is introduced, it will be much clearer what can be expected of the Ferrari Sport Utility version.

Now, when it’s already certain that Ferrari will offer such a model, Mr. Marchionne has made a statement that confirms this.

Ferrari SUV 2021

Ferrari SUV Specs and Price

Some reports mention the features that relate to the powertrain of this model. Among other things, an integral drive with the V8 power unit is mentioned, which will be supported by a hybrid drive system. A hybrid powertrain for the Ferrari SUV, and not a surprise. Namely, it is known that new models with this kind of drive will be found in the tire of this car manufacturer until 2019. Until the arrival of the SUV version, this type of drive unit will be fully developed and ‘checked’. Such an option is quite acceptable and expected.

It is interesting that some information about the approximate price for this vehicle is also available. According to these information, the price for the Ferrari SUV will be around $ 300,000. A really interesting figure. However, Sergio Marchionne believes that this model will double the annual profit of Ferrari, but by 2022.

As far as production capacity is concerned, there are various information. According to some information, this Ferrari SUV will be produced in 2,000 copies annually. On the other hand, this amount is considered to be barely satisfying the market of China.

Until the arrival of this interesting model, there is still a lot of time. As the production and start of sales are closer, and the availability of new information will be greater. Then things will be clearer, and we will inform you about it.

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