Ford Atlas Price

A recent report suggests that the Ford Atlas concept might soon become a production-ready model.Namely, the company could launch an all-new pickup truck in the next few years. Based on the concept that was first revealed in 2013, the upcoming Atlas will feature a bold styling combined with advanced technology. It will also showcase the company’s latest technology as well as new design philosophy. However, it remains to be seen how many of the concept’s features will make it to the production version.


 Design and Features

The Ford Atlas’ most prominent styling cue will be its gigantic front grille. Now, the rest of the sheet metal will feature a bold and masculine appearance too. Expect to see exceptionally large grille nostrils and bulging wheel arches that give it a rough appearance. On the other hand, the overall exterior design will feature a note of refinement. The concept model came with a cargo box equipped its own LED lighting and hidden cargo ramps for easier loading. We will hopefully see some of these features on the production model as well.

Inside, expect the Atlas to boast a cutting-edge design. Its sleek cabin will get a slew of high-end materials such as leather, soft-touch plastic and aluminum. Of course, Ford will fill this impressive truck with the latest convenience features and driver aids. Those include trailer back-up assist, dynamic hitch assist as well as bird’s-eye view camera display. The rear load space will also get 110V electrical outlets for charging power tools.


Ford Atlas Specs

The Ford Atlas will most likely offer the next-generation twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 under its hood. Thanks to the stop-start technology and other fuel-saving features, this unit will be 20 percent more efficient than before. Moreover, it will emit 15 percent less CO2 than a powertrain of similar displacement and performance. The engine’s power will be transmitted through an advanced automatic transmission.


As for the Ford Atlas price tag, more reliable reports have yet to surface. We expect this unique pickup truck to be a class-leading model in many respects. Without a doubt, many truck enthusiasts will be eager to find out more about Ford’s newcomer to the segment.

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