Honda S1000 is Renamed and Redesigned S660

Among the list of Honda’s temporarily on halt models, S1000 has got immense chances of reviving. Rumored to be replaced by S660, S1000 will now have better powertrain thanks to the advanced research and development on making highly efficient engines. Explore the new sets of possibilities that will arise owning this 2 seat vehicle. Honda S1000 might not provide astronomic figures, but it sure is a fast car with a more overall stability. It’s meant to be rough because that is what its rivals do.

The new vehicle costs more than its current avatar, but the extraordinary package Honda has in store has pleased car enthusiasts already. Compared to a BMW Z4, it’s a tad slower and slightly less responsive. Although Japanese market will get this vehicle in the name of Honda S660, American and European Honda dealers will sell under S1000 badge.

What’s inside its hood of Honda S1000?

The current model Honda S1000 features a less capable powertrain but is taken care of by a 1.0 4 cylinders barrel injection engine producing 120 HP. This will be revamped to a newer engine that might produce about 200 HP and 250 lb-ft of torque. Car lovers expect this to be made possible with a 3.5 L 6 cylinder iVTEC engine. The current model utilizes a 5 speed auto transmission while this new vehicle might feature a 6 speed auto transmission.

2018 Honda S1000 might borrow the fact of being an RWD although experts expect an AWD system. In terms of acceleration, S1000 synonymous with S660 reaches 0-60 mph in less than 9 seconds. It reaches a maximum top speed of 130 mph, according to expectations. This Honda vehicle can rightly be termed a sports car with tweaked fuel economy either on city or highways.

Honda S1000

Interiors and Exteriors

The new Honda S1000 makes use of aluminum to make its body which makes it lighter and faster. Although spy photos are yet to reach analysis, experts expect this vehicle in a newer and lighter platform. Not only will this help revving up, but it will also reduce the weight. If rumors are to be believed, new S1000 will resemble the NSX although a little smaller in overall area. It cannot be termed as enormous nor is it too small, almost perfect for a 2 seater race car.

This car will have newer sportier tires for better grip on the vehicle. Visibility is strengthened by use of LED lighting and daytime running lights. The US edition will be launched with multiple trims. Racing exhaust tips will add a smile to a Honda S1000 owner.

From the inside, this vehicle is determined to please the passengers. It is pretty big in space, enough to fit in 5 passengers on board. Like the NSX, it will have decent interior will large comfortable seats. Rumors have it that there will leather upholstered seats with a leather finished dashboard, but Honda has not yet confirmed its validity.

A couple of touch-screen systems will take care of infotainment, apart from being connectable to smartphones. Because it is lighter than its current vehicle bearing the Honda S1000 badge, it offers a smoother riding experience even on longer road cruises.

Pricing and release dates

Ready to be sold to the Western countries and Australia, this car with most likelihood will come out at the beginning of 2018. Honda has not yet given an estimate of its price. But experts believe the base model Honda S1000 to be available at $20,000 on wards.

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