Pontiac Firebird Trans Am New Edition For Sale

The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was sadly killed off back in 2002. After soldiering on for more than three decades, it has become one of the few iconic American automobiles. Ever since its discontinuation, muscle car enthusiasts have often modified Camaros in order to make them more akin to a Trans Am. As of recently, a Florida-based Trans Am Depot company can do it for you. The company actually builds modern iterations of the Pontiac Trans Am based on the fifth-generation Camaro. Their latest work comes in the form of the Trans Am SE Bandit Edition. This special-edition model made its debut at this year’s New York motor show as a tribute to the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit. Interestingly, Burt Reynolds who starred in the movie has given its contribution to the car’s design.


Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Design and Features

The Bandit Edition of the legendary Trans Am is actually built upon the Camaro SS. Its front fascia sports the recognizable split grille, ground effects as well as four square headlights. The car also gets a huge rear lip spoiler and snowflake wheels. To complete the iconic look, Trans Am Depot has given it a black and gold paint job and a “Screaming Chicken” decal on the hood. Inside the cabin, expect to see a retro-styled dashboard and plenty of custom leather. Some of the unique features include numerous “Bandit” logos and Burt Reynolds’ authentic signature on the dashboard.


The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE Bandit Edition features a mighty V8 powertrain under its hood. The supercharged 7.4-liter unit with cold-air intake churns out impressive 840 horsepower. The model also benefits from other mechanical upgrades such as lowered and tuned suspension. Thanks to its powerful engine, the limited-edition Trans Am will be able to hit 60 mph in less than three seconds. These performance figures come as a huge improvement in comparison with the original 1977 model and its 185-hp V8.


Pontiac Firebird Price

Production of the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE Bandit Edition will be limited to only 77 units. This special-edition model that revives the Pontiac badge will start from $115,000.

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