Revealed BMW’s innovations: BMW X8 and CS II

Do you know who is Scott27 ? You know that his predictions regarding BMW plans, in a high percentage come true? His latest information on new BMW models of the company, regarding the X8 and CS II models. Since the forecasting of BMW X7 SUV has become a harsh reality, we can expect the same when the latest news is concerned. Disclosed X7 model is now bought time until the moment when they will get the green light for production BMW X8  and BMW CS II.

The future of luxury model is in the segment of luxury SUVs. That realized and producers who have never have in their offer the SUV model. Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Maserati and Lamborghini are companies that have not resist the challenge. Quantity of sold SUV model goes far beyond the other segments in the automotive industry. Why waive the money, which literally waiting to jump in the your pocket? Is no longer so important whether there are two or three rows of seats. Does SUV have off-road performance or city crossover.


BMW X8 Design Facts

BMW X8 is supposed to be the biggest and most luxurious SUV of the brand. In addition to space and powerful motorization, BMW X8 and competitive models need to offer something more than the previous model in this segment. The new 2018 BMW X7 for your design can thank BMW 7-series and X5 SUV. X7 should directly confront the new Range Rover SUV. When it comes to X8 SUV, its dimensions and some lines of design should be related to the 7-series with long wheelbase.

BMW CS Concept as Serial Product

Next model which BMW will disclose is CS II. The German Car and BMW Blog Forum referred to this model as the next in the series. Of course, any statement in connection with the announcements coming from Scott27. BMW CS Concept was first shown in 2007 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Soon this model got the green light for the start of production. However, 2008 is postponed the start of production BMW CS II model. The reason was the economic crisis.

BMW CS II Concept

The concept was already offered future design solutions. Extremely modern look from CS Concept is characterized by split-kidney grille, headlights with an ‘eyebrow’,  tailpipes integrated in the bumper, and rectangular tailpipes. This full-size four-door coupe will be the new luxury sedan in the BMW lineup. Some sources say that its construction will be made of lightweight materials, type carbon fiber. The possibility that the BMW CS II enters into production and soon to be offered to the market is estimated as very possible!


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