VW Scirocco Electric render

VW Scirocco Electric as a Replacement for Sport Coupe

The reason for the significant changes in the Volkswagen lineup continues to be directly linked to the Dieselgate affair. Losses that are caused can not be compensated simply by radically sending certain models into oblivion. Some vehicles will be irrevocably withdrawn from the market still looms. However, there are those who will experience their re-birth in the form of new models in the offer. The latest information concerns the withdrawal of the VW Scirocco model. After a whole decade, losing sales and constant investment in this model, VW made the final decision. Sports coupe officially retires! At its base, in order to fulfill the electrification plan of most models, the VW Scirocco Electric is one of the new vehicles we can not expect before 2020 on the market.

VW Scirocco Review

As far as the successor to the VW Scirocco model is concerned, two-door coupes with front-wheel drive should not be expected. The successor will only bring the name of this model. The VW Scirocco Electric could be placed on a platform from a sports coupe. The history of this model is much longer than a decade. For so long, only the last generation was present on the market. The first Scirocco appeared in 1974. Every next generation, for many years, was on offer. All three generations have led the company to summarizing the results. In the past year, the rumors about the new, fourth version of the 2018 VW Scirocco have been circulating on the Internet. It turned out that only supplies of already produced third generation will be sold next year.

VW Scirocco Electric render

VW Scirocco Electric Expectations

One of VW’s directors, Frank Weisch, said the company plans to produce a small, fun car based on the MEB platform. So far, the VW Scirocco has used the fifth-generation Golf model platform. The company allegedly already works on the VW Scirocco Electric vehicle. Only the concept is known as the “emotional concept”. Its development is in progress, but according to people from the company, the serial model will not be available in the near future.

According to the rumors, VW Scirocco Electric will be available in several variants. The basic version of the model will develop 170. The model with two electric motors will deliver 300 hp. This is the most powerful version, which will have a four-wheel drive, or one electric motor on both axles.

More information about this model is just waiting for us. For now, the story of the Electric Scirocco model is based on information about the cessation of production of the VW Scirocco Sport Coupe.

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